Elkhounds Available for Adoption 

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No males currently available.


No females currently available.

The following dogs are listed as a courtesy and have not been evaluated by a member of NECPV.

Kane is around 6 years old. He came into us Heartworm positive, now with his treatment over he is negative. He is neutered, and has been given all of his vaccines, and is even already microchipped. He needs to be an only animal, which is why we are having a hard time adopting him out, and being an animal control facility with open intake unfortunately he may be at risk soon. He was adopted out to a family who came in for 2 months straight with their dog, and he did fine until he was introduced to other dogs. He began having some territory issues with the dog he lived with after this, and was brought back. He never fought with the dog, just slight growling. His only other behavior issues is that he climbs fences so he would either need someone who was going to not leave him out in a chain link fence for a long period of time, or a tall wooden privacy fence. He is a great dog, and listens well. He walks right near you, and if you stop while walking he follows suit and sits next to you until you're ready to walk again. He loves going on runs, and adores playing with tennis balls. He's very smart, and would do awesome with training. He loves to cuddle, and is fine with being brushed. He's a big people person, and would also make a great protective dog if needed. He's an overall good dog, who just needs to be by himself. He just needs a chance honestly.

For more information, please contact Therese Console at Cecil County Animal Care and Control. Phone: 410-392-0000 Email: therese@ab4l.org

The story behind this dog is that it is believed to be dropped off along the road I live on, which is a favorite place for dogs, puppies, cats and kittens to be abandoned on. He was seen hanging around one area for at least 5 days with no one in the area ever seeing this dog before. My husband and I are softies and took him in. He is a very social dog and likes to be with people. He doesn't appear to have been abused, not shy around fast movements or noises. Can be touched all over, head, ears, body, tail, belly and can look in his mouth with no problem. He is used to being tied and will walk on a leash without pulling although he doesn't know how to heel. Knows how to sit, give you his paw, and seems to understand the word no. Doesn't bother with the animals on the farm (horses, cows, chickens, or goats) but LOVES to chase the cats. Will zero in on them from any distance and off he goes with tunnel vision and no recall. Gets along with my non-aggressive ACD and he doesn't seem to be very aggressive either. Does seem to have some separation anxiety though and will bark when left alone. I have no idea if he is house trained since he has to stay in a stall in the barn away from the cats. He is being fostered in Kittanning, PA.

Please contact Laura Sue Stewart by email at thefarm5458@windstream.net or by phone at 724-545-9322 for more information.

Truman is a 5 year old elkhound who was adopted 4 years ago from another rescue group. He didn't have very good manners and it took us quite some time to socialize him with our other dog. He has always struggled with some anxiety issues but is very jealous of other dogs, cats and has major anxiety around strangers. We've worked with Truman as much as we can through exercise, medication from our vet and what training we can provide but with my husband working 2 jobs and homeschooling 3 children we are tapped. He is such a loveable dog-he gets along great with our children and one or two of my son's friends that are frequent visitors but barks non-stop (for hours if we let him) if anyone else is in the house. At this point his barking and anxiety is preventing us from having anyone in the house without boarding him. Truman really is a big baby and loves attention, snuggling, treats, runs along your bike (our favorite for running out his nervous energy), hikes and being chased around the yard. He would do best in a family where he's a one and only. If not for this anxiety and stranger problem, we would not be letting him go but at this point we do not have any alternative. He is up to date on all vaccines, neutered and healthy. He is a larger Elkhound, approximately 70 lbs. He is located in Thurmont, MD.

Please contact Valerie Morroni 240-215-7059 for more information.

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