Elkhounds Available for Adoption 

 If you can foster or help with transporting dogs, please email elkiehelp@gmail.com

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Hooch is a very sweet 7.5 month old puppy who is being fostered in Reston, VA. He just arrived in rescue and is now up to date on vaccinations and soon to be neutered. He is housebroken and good on leash and seems to be good with kids, cats and other dogs. He is a typical puppy so he has a lot of energy and likes to chew on everything.

Please contact elkiehelp@gmail.com if you are interested in Hooch.

Tyson is a friendly, loving guy who likes to give hugs. Gets along with other dogs. Playful, crate trained, housebroken. He does need some more home training about getting into things and which things are toys and which are not. He does need more leash walking training. He is pretty quiet in the yard and is not a major digger and does not try to escape the yard. A 4 to 5 foot fence would be fine for him. He is also pretty quiet in the house except when he sees his dinner coming.

He was very underweight when he came into rescue. He has regained to a normal (small male) Elkhound but remains exceptionally focused on food even for an Elkhound,

Medical - Tyson has the tendency to have multiple sebaceous cysts - which is an known Elkhound problem that some Elkhounds have, He is likely to continue to have this issue. He had 11 cysts surgically removed, and has some again that developed after the surgery. He also had a skin cancer (squamous cell carcinoma) removed with clean margins. He requires no further treatment for it,

He will always require good quality food, fish oil supplements to diminish (but they do not cure) the cysts. He may need antibiotics from time to time if the cysts become infected. He may need occasional surgical removal of multiple cysts and his skin will have to be inspected often due to the prior cancer and to check the cysts.

Please contact elkiehelp@gmail.com if you are interested in Tyson.


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