Elkhounds Available for Adoption 

 If you can foster or help with transporting dogs, please email elkiehelp@gmail.com

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Hi!  My name is Rocky.  I was surrendered to a shelter on 5/15 by my owner due to lack of time to adequately care for me. My owner had me since was a puppy and said I am fearful around new people and do best with female dogs. I was very afraid at the shelter, but it was very crowded and there was a lot going on. I warmed up to the staff and they fell in love with me which is why they contacted NECPV to find a place where I would be happier.

I am being fostered with a family with kids and a male dog and wasn't fearful even when I first arrived but the area wasn't closed in so that might have helped. They said I did great the first day I arrived and have been getting along with their male dog. He is an easy going guy in general though. I've mostly been ignoring their cats. I'm good in a crate. By day number two, I was already very happy when any of my new foster family would come into the room. I like to jump up and lick them and am quite exuberant. I love to play and mostly play by myself. I like to run around with a toy in my mouth. I let the family take the toy from me though when they want it and let them touch my feet, ears, etc. when they want to. I love belly rubs!

Once you meet me and I warm up to you, I think you will fall in love with me too. I am being fostered in Reston, Va.
Please contact elkiehelp@gmail.com for more information on me.

Adoption Pending!

Hi!  My name is Thor.  I am 1.5 years old, neutered and up to date on vaccines. In my previous life, I was penned up in the basement and brought out to walk around a Philadelphia city block twice a day and then relegated to the basement for the rest of the time. Because of this, I am a little energetic and excited and am working with my foster family to learn some good house manners. We have been working on socialization too and I've gotten to meet more people and dogs. I am very friendly and easy for people to handle. I'm not at all dominant and even enjoyed being chased and bossed around by a more dominant dog when playing together. I play very well with dogs one on one but am overwhelmed if there are a bunch at one time like at a dog park or doggie daycare situation. I would do best in a home with another dog and a fenced in yard so I can play and use up my excess energy in a good way. I am good with kids too. I am being fostered in Columbia, MD.
Please contact elkiehelp@gmail.com for more information on me.


No females currently available.

The following dogs are listed as a courtesy and have not been evaluated by a member of NECPV.

Truman is a 5 year old elkhound who was adopted 4 years ago from another rescue group. He didn't have very good manners and it took us quite some time to socialize him with our other dog. He has always struggled with some anxiety issues but is very jealous of other dogs, cats and has major anxiety around strangers. We've worked with Truman as much as we can through exercise, medication from our vet and what training we can provide but with my husband working 2 jobs and homeschooling 3 children we are tapped. He is such a loveable dog-he gets along great with our children and one or two of my son's friends that are frequent visitors but barks non-stop (for hours if we let him) if anyone else is in the house. At this point his barking and anxiety is preventing us from having anyone in the house without boarding him. Truman really is a big baby and loves attention, snuggling, treats, runs along your bike (our favorite for running out his nervous energy), hikes and being chased around the yard. He would do best in a family where he's a one and only. If not for this anxiety and stranger problem, we would not be letting him go but at this point we do not have any alternative. He is up to date on all vaccines, neutered and healthy. He is a larger Elkhound, approximately 70 lbs. He is located in Thurmont, MD.

Please contact Valerie Morroni 240-215-7059 for more information.

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